OK Trans Taxi Varna

Who are we?

OK Trans Taxi was established in May 2005. Our taxi company has proven itself as one of the best in the business. Our company owns one of the best auto parks in the city and has well equipped taxi vehicles.



"OK Trance 09" Ltd Varna has made a huge step ahead aiming to offer good service to our customers- the whole management structure is consistent with the European standards for transport policy. Our company's policy is exclusively customer oriented. We provide and develop new services tailored to the needs of the different customers.


"OK Taxi Varna" is an innovative company, which despite the tough times in the taxi service market, manages to develop and improve its services, as well as to improve the working conditions of its employees. We have also started updating our range of cars. "OK Taxi Varna" has invested in our customers' security. We are able to track each of our taxis in real time. The management of the company strongly advices our customers to become aware of their rights by clicking on the "Useful tips" button. "OK Taxi Varna" works with almost all tour operators on the territory of Varna and our staff is trained to work with foreigners. We take care in ensuring that our fleet of cars and our drivers are prepared to provide our customers happiness and satisfaction


ur vehicles have gone through all the necessary tests to operate taxi services. Our cabs are equipped according to the requirements of the Ministry of transport. We also take great care that our customers feel secure and confident in using our services. We guarantee the excellent condition of our cars, as well as:

  • additional services for companies
  • variable payment methods