OK Trans Taxi Varna

Useful tips

Always keep your receipt

Your receipt contains important information:
the vehicle's number plate, the date, the time and the duration of your journey as well as information about the distance

If you are refused a receipt, don't hesitate to contact us


Take a look at the taxi rates

Each vehicle must have a sticker with the rates attached to its windows and dashboard-day and night rates, initial charge, price per kilometer and stand time rate.


Look at the taxi's working number!

By the taxi's working number our GPS system shows the exact location of all vehicles at all times. It will help you in case of lost property, when making a complaint or a compliment.


Know your rights:

Customers always have the right to:

  1. Choose the route
  2. Choose the speed
  3. Choose the temperature in the car
  4. Choose the music and its volume
  5. If non-smokers, to request from the driver not to smoke in the car
  6. Request help from the driver with loading and unloading their luggage
  7. Ask the driver to walk them to the front door at the end of the journey
  8. Choose whether to speak to the driver
  9. Leave as much tip as they wish
  10. Save time